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Our New Location will be at 19 Weber Street East Rear Entrance,
Upper Floor. June 1st. is our Grand opening Date.
Once we have access, there will be signs and banners to better 
identify our Studio.

We are Kitchener's first Tattoo Studio established in 1978. We have the best Piercer in K.W., he has been in Business for over 37 years. His Son Ken has been Tattooing for over 35 years. Try us and see what everyone is talking about. Our Piercer CAN DELIVER NEAR PAINLESS PIERCINGS. and you are done in seconds. We are the busiest Piercing Studio in K.W, sometimes doing up to 25 Piercings in one day. No Attitude here just quality and friendly affordable service.
Here are 7 Reasons to get Your Piercings here:

  • Our prices are very reasonable and we match any lower piercing prices.
  •  Our piercing price is only $30 every day of the week for basic piercings.
  •  Our price of $30 includes tax & jewellery ( No Hidden Charges, like some of the trendier Shops)
  • Holiday weekends when the other Studios are closed, we are here for piercing.
  • Our Award Winning Piercer has more experience that anyone in Ontario, over 35 Years!
  • Our Piercer is famous for near painless Piercings, just ask anyone who has been here.
  • You will not get  attitude from any of our staff, just quality and friendly service.
    • We Help our clients with any Pierce problems until your healed at no extra charge!

    Do You Get Migraines?
    Read This.....
    According to the NHS, acupuncture works by stimulating nerves under the skin and in muscle tissue.
    This results in the body producing pain-relieving substances, such as endorphins. It is likely these substances are responsible for any beneficial effects seen with acupuncture.
    Many people on social media have come forward to share their positive experiences of getting a Daith piercing.
    Writing on Facebook, the managing director from Arizona said: "I've now had this (piercing) for over six months and can honestly admit that it has worked for me.
    "I've seen a reduction in frequency and intensity of my migraines where nothing else seemed to help. My husband noticed it before I did (and that's saying something). Maybe I just wasn't willing to admit that it was actually working.
    "Since getting it, I think I've had less than five migraines. Only one of those has actually made me fully non functional for a day. I've dramatically reduced my use of drugs to deal with the migraines." Others have said that it worked for them, and the odd headache they do get is not as intense. The research that I George have done as a Pro Piercer, mentions that the side you get the most pain is the side to pierce. So hopefully it works for you. The cost here for this piercing is $30 tax & jewelry included.
    We Use an Autoclave to
    sterilize our tools and
    spore test Bi-Weekly
    We Use a New Needle Everytime
    That are Factory Sterilized
    and packaged
    KEN LEWIS Professional 
    Tattooist for over
     30 years.
    Professional Tattooist & Body Piercer for over 35 Years.
    We can remove tattoos
    with a 90% success rate.
    READ MORE.........
    We hold a five day class
    on site to instruct Students
    to Pierce safely.
    Todd Evans Tattooist: You can follow Todd on Facebook at
     Deja VU Tattoos. Just CLICK on the Button below and sign in.
    Or call:
    No Appointments are needed for Body Piercing, Just Tattoos so call now to book.
    We are open Tuesday to Friday 12:00pm to 6:00pm and 12:00pm to 5:00pm. on Saturday.
    If you can find any other professional Piercer who is charging less than we are
    for a piercing and can prove it, we will match their price Guaranteed! 
    NO ONE BEATS OUR PRICE                                                    
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